What we do

You’re running a successful business. You love what you do, and you’re great at it. But those piles of paper just keep getting in your way. There’s the relentless flow of bills, sales invoices that need sending, customers to be chased, suppliers to be paid, and employee expenses and credit card receipts that need analysing.


For many business owners, accounts is like “a millstone around their necks” It’s all a drag on your time and energy. You’re an entrepreneur, not an accountant. But not giving it your attention would mean a serious cash flow problem. And every time you take a break you probably worry about what you’ll come back to.

So what do you do? Take on a part-time book-keeper? They’ll only work limited hours – so they won’t always be around when you need them, or always be able to give you informed advice.

Employ someone permanent? Then you’re stuck with a fixed cost, a nine to five attitude and the inevitable absences – not to mention the risk of fraud.

Engage a chartered accountant? They’re rarely interested in the day-to-day business. They deal with the “been and gone” - like statutory accounts and tax - not the here and now.

What you need is people who can liberate you from the paperwork. People you can trust to look after it as carefully as you would. People who can give you the right advice to help you drive your business forward. We lift away the burden and take it onto our shoulders. We enjoy it. It’s our bread and butter. But we are far more than just a bookkeeping service, for a variety of reasons, including our extensive experience of wider business and our broad range of expertise. For all our clients, we’re the outsourced accounts department working alongside them as an integral part of their business. For some clients, we’re the financial director they need but cannot afford to employ full time. We take each client individually, and work alongside them to tailor our services to fulfil their needs.


If you work with us, we’ll take the time to get to know you personally and really understand what you do and what you need. It won’t just be about dealing with the paperwork, important though that is. It’ll always be about using our knowledge and skills to work alongside you and really add value.  We’ll be available whenever you need us. We regularly answer client emails and take calls at half-past ten at night. We pride ourselves on our people to people service. We work alongside our clients to gain an understanding of what they need of us, and tailor our service to give each client the service they need. We aim to take the pressure of business owners, allowing them to grow their business and reach their potential.