Businesses come to us for a variety of reasons, and in a broad array of circumstances. Our team is committed to helping the business be the best it can be, by taking the pressure of accounts off their shoulders. Below are two stories of clients who came to us, and how we helped them. No names or specific details are included, honoring client confidentiality.

Defrauded twice over

One of our clients is a true entrepreneur; great at developing the business, but with little time for paperwork.  The first internal accountant he took on defrauded him when she went on maternity leave, paying herself a salary as well as maternity pay. Her replacement did the same, taking money out of petty cash and paying herself bonuses while reporting poor profitability and advising redundancies. He turned to us when he became suspicious. We helped him uncover the truth.  That was eight years ago. Now, he has meaningful and timely management accounts every month so he can make better decisions. The business is thriving. All his accounting is taken care of without him having to get involved. And most important, he no longer has to worry about it. He knows it’s in hands he can trust.

Surviving tough times
Another of our clients provides outsourced services in their field of expertise, looking after a select number of clients. They realised that it was a natural step for them to outsource their own accounting.  The Managing Director needed to improve things. He was relying on a part time book-
keeper/accountant, but in reality having to do a lot himself. And with the system he was using -a database and spreadsheet - he didn’t have an accurate picture of how the business was doing or where his margin was coming from.  After he turned to us, we set up Sage accounting and tailored it to meet his specific requirements. Straightaway he was able to get regular monthly management accounts – supported by regular meetings with us to review progress and act as a sounding board for new ideas. When the recession struck, and businesses stopped investing in capital equipment, we made sure he had the critical information he needed for cash flow projection, profit and loss and budgeting. The business survived – and today is going from strength to strength.